Kelly Vass is a Spiritual Life Coach in Sherwood Park, Alberta

Heal Your Life® Workshop Testimonial

Sonny ~Licensed Heal Your Life® Workshop Teacher and Life Coach

"My coach Kelly is amazing. When we started our sessions, she immediately put me at ease. We worked with different scenarios always coming back to how would I solve it. She was relentless, letting me know that it is always about me and knowing that I knew the answers. She was and is kind and loving and I trust her completely. Always giving me insight knowing that my answers come from me and from my heart. You have an incredible talent Kelly and I am so grateful to have you for my coach."

Heal Your Life® Workshop Testimonial

K. E.

“I found the course (with Kelly’s gentle guidance) took me to places I didn’t even know I needed to go. I’ve come away from the course with new personal insights that have confirmed that I’m on the right path and also elicited new possibilities for growth in my life. The process and progression of the course was well balanced in terms of time spent reading, writing/working through some thought provoking exercises, and the videoconference calls. I felt like I was in a safe and non-judgemental space with my small group and Kelly went above and beyond to demonstrate patience, respect and genuine love for each of us. Kelly is also extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and was able to take specific/personal examples and apply the learnings directly to them in the moment. I appreciated her own openness about her own journey as it is much easier to share openly when everyone, including the course leader is willing to be in a potentially vulnerable space. Kelly was also extremely flexible with times and was kind enough to accommodate a few scheduling hiccups on my part. Overall I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in gaining self-insight and new perspectives on how the universe is here to support us. It could be a game changer for some people! Thank you Kelly for inviting me to take part in the program.”

Life Coaching Testimonial

Andrea Hinkel | Certified LOA Life Coach

"I have been working with Kelly for approximately 15 months. Kelly is kind, loving and open-minded. I am very impressed with her coaching skills. Kelly is very intuitive and she has used this skill to guide me to some major spiritual and emotional breakthroughs. I feel safe with Kelly and I am confident that I am not judged; that she is here to help and support me. Kelly’s strong spiritual connection and her great ability to show unconditional love have guided me to co-create an awesome journey of growth and steady movement forward for me. Thanks, Kelly, for coaching with me and sharing your amazing talents and abilities. I will continue to work with you to guide me through other aspects of my life. Every coach needs a coach and I am blessed that you are mine. You are awesome!"

Vision Board Workshop and Light Body Coaching

Joy~ The Joy of Numerology

"Kelly Vass is a gifted soul that will always be able to guide you through what feels insurmountable. You will gain real perspective on where you are, how far you've come, and what you are capable of creating. She will teach you how to activate your Magic Manifestation Wand and create a life you didn't know was possible."

Life Coaching Testimonial

M. M.

"I'm not sure where I would be today without the life coaching I received from Kelly. I had hit a point in my life where anger, resentment and anxiety ruled my days. I had faced a tragic loss in my life and had no spiritual connection to claim back peace in my world. Today, I have so few of these feelings. Today, I feel at peace with myself and my world. I have experienced a huge shift in how my world is around me and my perceptions of myself. Kelly is a kind soul, truly listens and provides guidance toward healing. Whatever a person is experiencing, the guidance provided (both spiritual and practical) are tools that can change and heal your mind and soul. "

Life Coaching Testimonial


"Kelly is an empowering and inspiring coach. She has been a great help in keeping me uplifted and believing in myself and my dreams."

Heal Your Life® Workshop Testimonial

M.R. | Alberta, Canada

"Everyday I credit the positive changes in my life as stemming from my work in the Heal Your Life® teleconference course, lead by Kelly Vass. Immediately after my first session with Kelly, I found direction and realized I have control of my life! Before starting a family, I was always an energetic, organized and strong individual and then gradually I lost myself somewhere. Until now, it seemed that my gradual health decline was out of my control and that each day was a struggle to finish due to these health problems. I didn’t realize the power of self-affirmation! I always thought negative self-talking and thoughts were what I would watch for to show I was not loving myself. Instead, I learned that the absence of the positive self-talking, the absence of self-affirmation - this is what I was missing! Each session with Kelly, I was inspired with new thoughts, reflections, and activities that helped me to liberate myself from my own prison. I am thankful everyday that Kelly came into my life when she did; my life is enjoyed NOW and with EASE. Thank you, Kelly!"

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