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I'm Kelly Vass

I am a licensed Heal Your Life® Teacher and Life Coach, a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach with the QSCA, and an Author. It is my intention to be truly helpful assisting clients to create their desires. I invite you to scroll down to learn a little more about me.

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kelly vass, life coach
Kelly Vass

I believe that if we calm the mind, connect to the heart, we can create our desires in the now. All the answers for our own lives are within us and the key is loving our authentic selves. As a self-proclaimed teacher and student of love, I assist people to remember how amazing and brilliant they truly are! I am filled with grace and gratitude for living my purpose: creating kind and loving boundaries in life and teaching others to do the same. I encourage people to just be themselves: simple but not always easy!


My childhood desire was to be a Catholic Priest when I grew up. This was prior to knowing that religion was man-made. My journey was of perfectionism and people-pleasing. This lead to exhaustion, chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis and just over seven years of unexplained infertility. One day the book You Can Heal Your Life® by Louise L. Hay jumped off a shelf at me and soon I started reading it; this is when my healing journey began. I believe that I healed myself by learning and practicing and living Louise’s feel-good and self-love practices. When I choose to love myself, magic and miracles appear.


The best gift that I have ever given myself is the Heal Your Life ® Workshop and Life Coach Training. I went for the two-day workshop and came back on purpose. I have also published chapters in the books Manifesting Modern Miracles and Spiritual Leaders. As a Heal Your Life® Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach, and Author, my intention is to be truly helpful. The In The Now space is located in Sherwood Park, AB, Canada and anywhere that technology allows me to reach.

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