heal your life
heal your life

As I am writing this, it is a few days after Louise L. Hay has died at the age of 90. This will be written in present tense because I believe that her soul, the part that does not die continues to teach me. When I am asked who is my best teacher? My answer is Louise L. Hay. Louise teaches me all the things that my formal school education and parental education missed. She continues to fill in the gaps and to assist me to learn that there is more than one right way to do life. At the time that the book You Can Heal Your Life® jumped off the shelf at me, I believed that I was always wrong, that I was not good enough, that I was defective, and that I was not loveable. To say that her life work has helped me change my life for the better is an understatement. I lovingly refer to Louise as the positive affirmation queen; she teaches that every thought is an affirmation. Louise introduced me to the Law of Attraction: the idea that we live in a loving Universe that is responding impersonally to all of our thoughts, whether they are positive or negative, is most powerful. All of a sudden I understood that life was not happening to me, I am always creating it.

Louise L. Hay’s work teaches me to be very loving and kind to myself and others while I navigate my way through this relearning. It teaches me to erase the negative thoughts on the chalkboard and replace them with thoughts that love me. Louise teaches me that life loves me all the time, exactly where I am, and even when it feels like life doesn’t! Her work demonstrates how to open my heart more. She asks me to ask “what do I think?” and listen to my own inner wisdom. She teaches me that my absolute yes always finds me and it really does! Louise teaches me to give myself grace: “Kelly, I love me anyways!” She deepens my compassion by helping me to see that everyone is always doing the best that they can with what they know and understand; they are people fulfilling their needs in the best way they know. Everyone includes me. I am a people. There is relief in knowing that I am always doing my best.


Mirror work creates relationship with my own best friend and the perfect parent for my inner child, me. She teaches me that it is safe to express my emotions in a healthy way verbally and physically. She teaches me to think and speak lovingly and positively through affirmations. She models strength, authenticity, and unconditional love. She often would tell us that even though she lives and breathes affirmations and mirror work, she thinks positively about 85% of the time. There is grace and hope in knowing that better than before is more than enough. Louise teaches me to trust my inner wisdom and the process of life. She gives us permission to be ourselves in this world. She teaches me to laugh at myself and to play more. Louise L. Hay teaches and invites me to forgive all that needs forgiving and healing. Thank you Louise, thank you dear one, for teaching me what I needed to learn to recover from perfectionism and people-pleasing and create space for my beautiful life and purpose! Thank you Louise for teaching me to love myself and how to heal chronic fatigue syndrome and just over seven years of unexplained infertility! Thank you for teaching me to trust in my creative power and to believe in magic and miracles! I thank you Louise for teaching me grace, gratitude, and especially joy!


Louise would want us all to remember that: life loves you! She would invite you, actually she would just tell you, to look in the mirror every day, with a big smile, and say “Life loves me!”

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