September 22, 2018


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Introduction to Feng Shui and Vision Board Workshop

Feng Shui: Informative and Creative
Your Investment $150.00 CAD + GST. When payment is received, you are registered.
Registration required by September 19th. Payable to Henry’s Interiors.
Location: Henry’s Interiors workshop space (parking available to the east behind the building).

You are invited to a beginner’s workshop facilitated by one of Henry’s Interiors experts in Feng Shui, Kirsten Proulx. Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is a method of balancing energy. You will receive information and techniques to assist you in improving your personal energy and that of your surroundings. This is a practical workshop that asks you to bring your own floor plan in order to create positive change and energy flow by working with the zones of your own home or office. We will break for a 90 minute lunch (on your own in this beautiful 124th Street area). In the afternoon, we will take the information from the morning and acknowledge intention as a fundamental part of the Feng Shui process. Kelly Vass with In The Now will guide you in creating a Feng Shui vision board adding a powerful energy and blessings to your desires for your life. If you are called to improve the energy in your home and in your life, this day will allow you to skip the researching and get started.

~ Please bring a floor plan of your home or office. All other materials required for the workshop activities at the workshop are provided. ~

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