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Introducing The Octopus Methodology™ by Kelly Ann Vass

I listened to a talk recently where life coach, Cheryl Richardson, was being interviewed and her message was “you are your business”. It made me reflect on wholeness. In the past couple of years my family has been applying Feng Shui principles to our home and our life.  Kirsten Proulx and Janice Funston from Henry’s Interiors, a Feng Shui furniture store in Edmonton support and guide us with this project. The results have been more balance, ease, and a feeling of wholeness in our home and our family life. This past fall I was guided to Feng Shui my business. This methodology was created and guided by one of my Akashic Records mentors, Natasha Mott and THE mentor, Lord of the Akashic Records. Again, the messages were wholeness and “you are your business”. The process was not the easiest to explain so I asked for a way to explain how it works so that it may  assist others.

My history has been one of overwhelm and burn out. I have burned out 9 times in my 45 years and 3 of those times were before I became an adult. My deepest desire has been to create balance in all areas of my life. My greatest fear about being successful in my business is that I will lose the balance that I have created. 2019 is proving to be very successful for income and amount of people served, all the while, I am increasing balance in my life. It is possible and the Octopus is showing me how it is sustainable.

Yes, the Octopus fills my thoughts these days. This animal entered my psyche in the Akashic Records and has become an inspiring companion. The Octopus symbolizes wholeness to me. Sy Montgomery’s book The Soul of an Octopus has been educating me on this animal. An octopus is put together so differently than the human body with three hearts and a brain that wraps around its throat; its entire body is covered in slime. Its brain has 50-75 lobes instead of 4 and most of the 300 million neurons are in its arms with the remainder in its brain. The Octopus does not have a blind spot and it is colour blind. Copper carries the oxygen in its blood, so the blood is blue. Octopuses are masters of camouflage and capable of changing their colouring over 100 times in an hour. Each 2.5 inches diameter sucker can lift 35 pounds of weight and there can be thousands of them on one octopus. Octopuses are very intelligent escape artists as they can fit through very small spaces. They are also able to multitask with all those tentacles. Eight arms are great for this. They taste, suck, grab, hold, and pluck with the suckers on their 8 tentacles.

The methodology that Natasha guided my business through sees joy and health as our natural states and truly central to the foundation. I invite you to imagine that the head/body of the octopus represents health and joy and is protected, nurtured, and supported by the 8 tentacles. Imagine that the tentacle at the top represents me, myself, and I in my business. Let’s continue to look at each tentacle in a clockwise direction.  Imagine that the second tentacle represents love and attraction in my business. The third is fun and creativity. The fourth is support and guidance. The fifth is passion and purpose. The sixth is wisdom and spirituality. The seventh is friends and family. Last and not least is prosperity and happiness. These areas were translated into how they apply to my business. For example, friends and family would be networking relationships and would include clients, colleagues, mentors…When all these areas have received attention then the whole has been addressed and founded. For example, when we addressed the me, myself, and I area, my business card was revised to declare how I serve; the new card went to print that week. When we paid attention to the fifth tentacle, I released the cross purpose of a direct sale company that was distracting me from my passion and purpose.

An octopus is making constant little adjustments and it moves inch by inch. It completes each task that is easily within reach to support the whole. If a tentacle gets injured the octopus does not even recognize itself as defective. It continues to use the injured tentacle as though it is not; the rest of the tentacles continue to support the whole while the regeneration takes place.

This is the methodology that I wish was available to me in 2014 when I started my business. It would have saved me thousands of dollars and assisted in developing my business with discernment, intention, and more efficiently. It would have prevented re-branding. This methodology works so well because it is informed by that part of us that knows all the answers – our soul. The methodology asks the questions and the participant’s highest self or soul answers.

Natasha and I invite you to experience and complete this for your business and life. It is a template that can be applied in many ways. For example, it can be applied to a major project, strategic planning, organizing home or office, writing a book, more than one business… We are offering to guide you through this methodology over a 12 week period, every Monday, beginning June 3, 2019 from 7:30-9:30pm. This investment in yourself and your business is being offered for $999.00 Canadian plus GST and will be offered in an interactive online delivery on Zoom. We are excited to introduce you to The Octopus Methodology™ with the intention that it serves you as much as it has us. By being part of this, you will be assisting us to complete a book that will guide people through the methodology that hopefully will be published within the next 2 years. Thank you kindly for your interest and we would be so happy to answer any questions you may have. I would like to acknowledge the beautiful artwork of Carleen Ross Professional Artwork in creating the visual of our Octopus. Love and grace in the now, always, and in all ways!


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